postheadericon Earth and Space

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My Planet                     Living or Nonliving?                 Solar System
Create your own planet with unique featuresPut the planets in order
Level:    1    2    3                    Level:    1                           Level:    2    3
Mercury Facts                      Venus Facts                        Earth Facts
Color and write about MercuryColor and write about VenusColor and write about Earth
Level:    2                          Level:    2                           Level:    2
Mars Facts                         Jupiter Facts                      Rainbow
Color and write about MarsColor and write about JupiterColor the rainbow and match the word to the color
Level:    2                             Level:    2                             Level:     2
Comparing Leaves                     Two Seeds
Find two leaves outside.  Tell or write about them. Retelling chart for the book, Two Seeds by Keith Shreve.  Cut and glue the story in the correct order.
Level:    All                        Level:  All