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     Under the Sea              Animals on the Farm            Spots or Stripes?

Level:    1    2    3                     Level:    1    2    3                  Level:    1    2   3
Animal Footprints              Animal Coverings            Animal Grouping
Match the footprints to the animal that makes themSort the animals by what covers its bodyCircle the correct amount. Numbers 3 4 & 5
Level:    2                    Level:    2    3                       Level:    1
Animal Alphabet (A-I)        Animal Alphabet (J-R)       Animal Alphabet (S-Z)
Match the letter to the animalMatch the letter to the animalMatch the letter to the animal
Level:    3                            Level:    3                         Level:    3
Farm Animals                          Pets                                Sea Animals
Match the farm animalsMatch the word to the petMatch the word to the sea animal
Level:    2                           Level:    2                         Level:    3
Wild Animals            Carnivores or Herbivores?          Food Chain
Match the word to the wild animalSort the animals by what they eatFinish the food chain and make your own
Level:    2                          Level:    3                          Level:    3
Sea Animal Missing Vowels
Trace the word and fill in the missing vowels
Level:   3