postheadericon Earth Day: Recycling Game

Earth Day: Recycling Game

Goal:  To use real objects to learn how to recycle. (Ages 3-6)

Materials needed:  1 large container to hold the “trash”, 6 small containers (labeled paper, plastic, can), lots and lots of REAL recyclable materials, the recycling PPT provided below:

Recycling PPT

*Caution:  some cans can be dangerous, please make sure all cans are safe for small children to handle.

Show the PPT and discuss recycling with your students.  Then explain the game.

How to play:  Divide the class into 2 teams.  Each team will send up one player per round.  Each player will have 60 seconds to sort the trash into the correct containers.  After the time is up, go through each players 3 boxes to see how many materials were correctly put in each box.  The player with the most correct will get a point for their team.  The team with the most point at the end is the winner!  But remember, helping the Earth makes us all winners!

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