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Today was Children’s Day in South Korea and we celebrated by making crafts and playing games!  Here was a fun one:  Do-It-Yourself sunglasses.

Materials needed:  Paper cups, straws, colored film, scissors, straight razor, hot glue gun

Step 1:  Cut paper cups about 2 inches (5 centimeters) up from the base around the cup.

Step 2:  Using a straight razor, cut squares into the bottom of the cup. Cut down to the base from above every inch (2.5 cm) to give the glasses a sunflower look.  Do this with 2 cups then glue them together.

Step 3:  Take a sheet of colored transparent film paper.  Use a paper cup to measure the circle size and cut it out.  Hot glue gun on the inside of the cup, attaching the transparency film.

Step 4:  Take your straws (make sure they are the kind with bendable “arms”) and glue one on each side.

Step 5 (optional):  Add stickers, balls, or the kids name on the sunglasses.


Fun fact we found- Use one red and one blue transparent film paper to make 3D glasses!

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