postheadericon Cherry Blossom Ink Blowing


Materials Needed:  Large Paper, pastels, ink, kleenex, a straw, craft glue, scratch white/pink paper, flower shaped hole punch, fake flower petals.

Ink Blowing

Note:  In the past, I’ve used paint to make the flowers and this year I saw these fake flower petals at the dollar store and decided to try them.  Experiment with the design of the flowers!




Background:  Use the pastels to make a background.  You can make any pattern you prefer, and I chose to make circles.  Start with light, warm colors then work your way out using bold cool colors for contrast.


Dip the straw into the ink, hold the top of the straw to secure the ink in the straw, and drop it at the corner of your paper.

20150414_132350 20150414_132425

20150414_132616 20150414_132848

Blow the ink so it stretches across the page.  You can make one long branch or two smaller ones like I did.


Use your flower shaped hole punch to make flowers.

20150414_132938 20150414_133042

Put glue dots around the branches.  Add your flowers.


Cherry Blossom Ink Blowing

Mix and match the flowers to make your own unique design!