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Halloween Craft: Witch’s Hat Hair Clips

                          Materials Needed: A thin felt-like material, metal hair clips, small circular object (I used the top of a coffee cup), glue gun, scissors   Step 1:  Use a circular object to use as a template for the base of the hat. Cut […]

Cherry Blossom Ink Blowing

  Materials Needed:  Large Paper, pastels, ink, kleenex, a straw, craft glue, scratch white/pink paper, flower shaped hole punch, fake flower petals. Note:  In the past, I’ve used paint to make the flowers and this year I saw these fake flower petals at the dollar store and decided to try them.  Experiment with the design […]

DIY Sunglasses

Today was Children’s Day in South Korea and we celebrated by making crafts and playing games!  Here was a fun one:  Do-It-Yourself sunglasses. Materials needed:  Paper cups, straws, colored film, scissors, straight razor, hot glue gun Step 1:  Cut paper cups about 2 inches (5 centimeters) up from the base around the cup. Step 2: […]

Earth Day: Recycling Game

Earth Day: Recycling Game Goal:  To use real objects to learn how to recycle. (Ages 3-6) Materials needed:  1 large container to hold the “trash”, 6 small containers (labeled paper, plastic, can), lots and lots of REAL recyclable materials, the recycling PPT provided below: Recycling PPT *Caution:  some cans can be dangerous, please make sure […]

Tissue Cherry Blossom Tree

Materials Needed:  Colored tissue paper, letter size card stock, tree template, glue, and markers or paint. Step 1:  Google search a tree template to print out. Step 2: Paint or color the tree branches. Step 3: Cut the colored tissue paper into small squares. Crumble the papers up. Step 4:  Put drops of glue on […]

Tree of Life

I make this with our kids at the of the year to give to their parents. Materials Needed:  Corrugated cardboard, construction paper, hot glue gun, glue, and poem (optional)   Glue the back of the corrugated paper:   Roll them up into a circle.  Hold until dry.  Repeat with a different color rolling on top […]

“Scratch Art” Solar System

Here’s a fun activity.  Find scratch art paper and a drawing stick.  Create the planets, sun, and any other cool thing you see in space.  Kids will be amazed by the beautiful pictures they create! Materials Needed:  Scratch paper and drawing stick.         This activity goes great with:

Salt Water Snowflakes

Create beautiful snowflake paintings using salt and water! Materials needed:  Salt (Sea salt works best), Q-tips, small container, dark construction paper, and blow dryer (optional). Instructions:  Mix 3 parts salt, 1 part water into a container.  Dip the Q-tip into the mix and draw a snowflake onto the dark construction paper.  Let it dry.  For […]

Toy Microphone

Transform your students into superstar singer with their own personalized microphones! Materials needed:  Hot glue gun, empty toilet paper roll, construction paper, aluminum foil, recycled pieces of newspaper or paper, tape, pipe cleaners, scissors, stickers, markers. Instructions:  Fit construction paper around an empty toilet paper roll.  Decorate the roll with stickers and drawings.  Wad up […]

Fall Leaves Pictures

Materials needed:  Leaves, construction paper, and glue. Instructions:  Pair up or make small groups and go outside to find beautiful fall leaves.  Come back inside and think of designs to make a picture.  Use the glue to make the picture and put the leaves on top.  Hang the pictures in the classroom to get in […]

Mixing Colors, Fall Tree

Build a fall tree with your kids!  Learn what colors are made when mixing colors while making a fun decoration for your classroom. Materials needed:  Paint brushes; blue, red, yellow, and white paint; leaf prints; construction paper; tape. Instructions:  Smash brown construction paper together to make the tree trunk.  Cut out a big, cloud-like shape […]

Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

A fun game to help with psychomotor skills for Halloween. Materials needed:  Large board(optional; for mobility), construction paper, plastic or paper plates, scissors, tape, glue, glitter, and pipe cleaners. Instructions:  Cut 5 large black circles and glue them to the board.  Make cones with another 5 pieces of paper.  Glue or tape the cones to […]

Spider Web

Materials needed:  Web-paper plate, yarn, hole punch, scissors.  Spider- styrofoam ball, craft ball, pipe cleaners, hot glue gun, pins, paint.

Mayan Relic

Use paper or styrofoam plates and permanent markers to design your own Mayan relic!

Reused Race Track

Here’s a simple and really fun activity that can teach about reusing old items. Materials neeed:  Cardboard box(es), x-acto knife/scissors, tape, tables, toy cars. Instructions:  Cut out the cardboard into different shapes to make ramps, roads, and bridges.  Tape to tables to make a whole highway system.   

Balloon Animals

Materials needed:  Multicolored balloons and construction paper.  Stickers for eyes.  Small paper cups for frog eyes.  Colored cotton balls for cute noses. Glue or paste.

Potato Head

Here’s a fun activity for teaching body parts.  Materials needed: Vegetables (Potatoes, olives, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce or parsley, paprika, mushrooms) Toothpicks Knife and cutting board Have students build their own Mr. Potato Head.  Introduce body parts and vegetables, cut the veggies, then connect them with toothpicks to make a silly potato person.

Hot Air Balloon Craft

Materials needed:  paper cups, straws, balloons, markers or paint, tape, and string.