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Smart Kids Worksheets was started by two teachers with over 17 years experience teaching kindergarten and elementary school.  We created the site to share our ideas, knowledge, and experience with other teachers and parents who want the very best education for their children.  Our free printable worksheets are the worksheets we use in our classrooms and we hope they can help you in class or at home.

Our worksheets are divided into topics to help students focus on a subject matter while progressively getting more in-depth to build their confidence and knowledge on the topic.  The topics were chosen by what we felt are the most common things young learners will encounter in everyday life as well as subjects that interest them.  Each worksheet has an objective or goal that the teacher or parent can use as a guide to complete the worksheet.

We also have our worksheets divided into 3 levels.  We have recommended ages to start, but it is up to the teacher or parent to decide what level is appropriate for your students.

Along with our worksheets, we have included famous painters and classical composers that accompany each topic.  We try to have these painters and musicians connect to the topic as best as possible.  There is also a coloring page of the artists more famous or well known works.  Students can use crayons, markers, or paint to create their own masterpieces!

So take a look around and we welcome any questions or comments you may have! Email us at

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